Osteopathy in a nutshell


Osteopathy in a nutshell


What do osteopaths treat?

We treat a range of conditions, top to toe, all ages and stages in life.

For example, in my daily practice I could see a

  • 3-week-old baby with feeding issues
  • A teenager with anxiety and gut issues
  • A pregnant woman with pesky rib pain
  • And an office worker with jaw pain and head aches

We are able to treat all these conditions and age groups because of the many tools we have in our toolbox.


What techniques do we use?

Our toolbox consists of direct and indirect techniques. Direct techniques are pretty hands on and get your joints, muscles and organs loosened up

Indirect techniques are really gentle and include fascial and cranial work to encourage better circulation, health and settling of the nervous system.


How do osteopaths work?

Osteopaths aim to treat the whole person rather than concentrating just on the painful part.

For example, imagine you come to see me with a sore shoulder.

I would assess and treat your shoulder whilst looking at your neck, arm, midback, chest as well as considering your organs and breathing patterns which all achieves better overall health.


So, there you have it. Osteopathy in a nutshell.

Contact us if you are wondering if we can help you

and if you love osteopathy as much as I do comment below and share your experience with us.

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