Bhakti Hargovan

Who We Are

Bhakti Hargovan


Bhakti has been an osteopath for a decade now and is very passionate about helping her patients. Bhakti feels privileged to be able to treat patients of all ages but has a keen interest in treating the pregnant patient and paediatrics.

She loves using both Osteopathy and functional exercise to help patients manage pain. Her days are full of variety and no patient, condition, treatment, day, or conversation is the same. She uses all three modes of Osteopathy - structural, visceral and cranial - depending on the body type and condition of the patient. Her treatments can be subtle or have dynamic movement, depending on the need. 

Bhakti loves travelling and anything adventurous. She enjoys exploring the world on water with her paddle board or kayak, as well as on land in the great outdoors hiking and rejuvenating in nature. Bhakti loves doing yoga and keeping active with functional movement. 

Bhakti is currently on maternity leave from April 2024- For pregnant patients, babies and toddlers please book with Natalie or Andy


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