Osteopathy and pregnancy


Osteopathy and pregnancy


It is such a privilege to treat mums to be. 

The aim is to make space, make space, make more space so that mum and bub are much more comfortable. 

The increased postural demand on the body during pregnancy can cause:

  • lower back, midback and neck pain
  • carpal tunnel syndrome
  • thoracic outlet syndrome
  • pesky rib pain
  • groin, pelvis or pubic symphysis pain
  • sciatica or disc injuries
  • hip pain and hip bursitis
  • headaches
  • knee and ankle injuries 

The hormones relaxin and progestrone are culprits for making ligaments and muscles loose during pregnancy, preparing the body for birth. We can't make these hormones stop doing what they do best but we can help balance your whole body, your pelvis, joints and muscles to adapt and better cope with the added strains of a growing baby. 

We use hands-on techniques and gentle cranial work to settle the nervous system and assist in improving efficacy of all bodily systems (musculoskeletal, fascia, blood and lymph, nervous system).

If you are pregnant and need some help, feel free to get in contact with us. I would love to support you through this special time!


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